Our Blueprint: Impact-By-Design


Imaginative Solutions

We are creative and think expansively to develop unique approaches to shaping favorable operating environments, overcoming competitive challenges, and managing risk. Importantly, we know how to win without sacrificing our integrity and ethics -- or yours. Our track record -- against even the slimmest of odds -- speaks for itself. 

Our areas of expertise include: Government Relations & Public Affairs; Stakeholder & Third-Party Engagement; International Standards Development; Competitive Strategy; and Public Sector Marketing/Business Development.


Panoramic Perspective

We help you gain "big picture" context that supports critical decision-making by equipping you with data-driven insights and interdisciplinary perspectives -- empowering you to see around corners and connect the dots. 

Our network of experts includes: former Administration officials; senior intelligence and national security officers; accomplished academics, technologists, and researchers; and experienced business leaders.


Decisive Outcomes

Achieving high-stakes business and public policy outcomes requires successfully navigating competitive environments.  We guide clients seeking competitive advantage amidst the disruptive dynamics of  transformation at the intersection of technology, business and government. 

Whether an innovative startup, established market player or a global industry leader, Viking is a force-multiplier that can help your organization "punch above it's weight" and win.

Forthright Commentary


Greg Thomas | Founder & CEO

A skillful navigator of transformation’s collision with public policy,  Greg is an imaginative and visionary strategist helping organizations to  shape favorable operating environments, accelerate growth, and manage  risk.   

Described as "able to convince an iceberg to move  because it is in your way", he is a committed advocate of free  enterprise who helped redefine the public dialogue about Microsoft and  open-source software, improving perception among government elites and  avoiding multi-billion dollar penalties by U.S. and E.U. anti-trust  regulators.  

He began his career in Washington, DC, helping to  develop the post-9/11 Congressional agenda on cybersecurity and privacy.   After public service, he advocated in favor of pragmatic,  innovation-friendly policy solutions for cybersecurity and data privacy,  and against government-mandated “backdoors” and other misguided efforts  to weaken encryption. More recently, he has focused on ensuring that  the Internet remains free from government control and accountable to  its’ global community of stakeholders.  

Greg maintains an  extensive network of relationships with key Congressional offices, think  tanks, the Administration, and, more broadly, with thought leaders,  investors, and technologists around the globe. 

Today, he advises  organizations addressing business priorities in regulated and/or highly  competitive environments - devising game-changing solutions that win.


History was about conquest for empires upon which 'the sun never sets' -- the future will be about epic crusades for a realm upon which the sun never shines.

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